Jurassic: Trey Smith | Bob Enyart — Jurassic OFFICIAL HD Dinosaur documentary. Jurassic is a journey into the REAL genetics of dinosaurs, and the lives of Jurassic dinosaur researchers and dinosaur investigators…… those who have have lost careers, credibility and their livelihood try to tell the TRUTH about dinosaurs. Many in the academic world use dinosaurs as the tool to indoctrinate children into the underpinnings of occult belief systems, such as Darwinism. Sir Richard Owen — the man who coined the term dinosaur (or dinosauria) and came up with the VERY SCIENCE of the study of the ancient Jurassic Dragons…. the Jurassic Dinosaurs….. the creatures brought to life in the Jurassic Park franchise of films (including the new Jurassic Park 5). Sir Richard Owen — to whom we are indebted to even the very word “dinosaur” spent his life fighting Darwinism.

Trey Smith and Bob Enyart

Mattia Capelli
Michael Donner

Footage and Thanks to
Bob Enyart
Mark Armitage
Dr. Aaron Judkins
Dr. Walt Brown
Dr. David Menton
Belinda LaCoste

No LIVING DINOSAURS were injured in the making of this film.

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