Enoch: The 2 hour and 20+ plus minute documentary-style commentary  is on the Book of Enoch. The book of Enoch is fully broken down and made easy to understand. This documentary / commentary of Enoch covers, NOT ONLY Fallen Angels, Origin of Demons (and even Aliens & UFOs), Fallen Angels (such as Azazel), etc…. etc…. etc….

Enoch Calendar Notes (Short Version): Enoch Calendar is a 364 day calendar.

The Enoch calendar calculates the days differently than the Gregorian Calendar (what we use today). Essentially, Enoch’s calendar is a perfect 364 day calendar.  Enoch gives (2) formulas for adjusting the calendar. One is longer scale 30 day adjustment to take place over laregr scales of time. The other is a 7 day adjustment every 7 years <—– This 7 day adjustment is in honor of God every seven years to bring in a perfect 364 day year.

So, just as God “rested” on the 7th day (Sabbath) — the day for which Enoch honored God every week….. On a larger scope was a 7 day honoring of God every seven (7) years.

But also — the Prophecies of Enoch, End-Time events as seen by Enoch, Anti-Christ as seen by Enoch, Days of Noah as seen by Enoch, the FIRST and SECOND COMING of the Son of Man (Jesus Christ) as seen by Enoch…… and also the RAPTURE as seen by Enoch.

Also….. Enoch’s Mysterious Pre-Flood Calendar is discussed. And, the meaning of Enoch’s Calendar.

Trey Smith

DVD Mastering
Jonathan Rovetto

Mattia Capelli
Michael Downer

Footage and Thanks to
Dr. Aaron Judkins
Jacob Kachelhofer
Rabbi Brian Hall

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